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From smart heating and designer radiators to complete system installs and upgrades, we’ve got you covered.

Digital Revolution

Smart homes are no longer science fiction, we may still be someway off robot butlers but digital heating is now here. Energy efficiency is now at the forefront of all homeowners minds. Smart thermostats allow you to control your home’s temperature remotely using your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Have you ever gone out and wondered if you left the heating on? Well with a tap and a swipe you can check, and turn it off if necessary, so you won’t be heating an empty house all day. On the other hand, if you’ve gone out for the day and our wonderful British weather takes a turn for the worse and you get caught in the rain, you can make sure the house is ready to warm you up by the time you get home.

Smart thermostats also save you money as you can heat your home more efficiently and understand your heating usage so you can make small changes to save money. Smart thermostats are also more environmentally friendly.

We can install any brand of Smart WiFi enabled systems including NEST and Worcester Bosch’s Wave system. Read more about having a smarter heating system in your home with our guide to smart thermostats.

If you want to really embrace this new technology you can even choose digitally controlled Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV).

What’s a Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV)?

A thermostatic radiator valve allows you to control the temperature in each room individually. We always offer traditional (manual) TRVs in our quotes because they are a great way to reduce your energy bills, as you don’t need to heat rooms that aren’t being used so they really can save you ££££s.

They are also great if you need to turn up the heat in a particular room like a new baby’s nursery.

The new generation of smart heating allows you to install digital TRVs on the radiators, so you can control all of your heating remotely!

Did You Know?

According to a recent survey half of all couples argue about the heating? We can install TRVs on your existing heating system from just £30 and you’ll start saving ££££s on your energy bills!

Designer Radiators

Of course we can supply and install your bog standard, garden variety radiators – but these days you can get some seriously fancy radiators. Whether you’re into sleek modernity and clean lines or love the traditional look of cast iron radiators, we can advise you on achieving the look you want. If you’re interested in installing design led radiators in your property, get in touch now.

Give your central heating a new lease of life!
There’s more to your central heating system than just the boiler, the pipework and radiators work hard to heat your home and like anything else a bit of regular TLC can extend its life. Check out our resources page for top tips on keeping your heating system in perfect working order.

Are you ignoring signs that your heating system needs some attention?

  • Your heating system or boiler is making some weird noises.
  • Your radiators take ages to heat up.
  • Your radiators have cold patches.
  • Cloudy tap water.
  • Discoloured water when you bleed the radiators.

We’ve got the power!

Over time debris, lime scale, rust and sludge can build up in your heating system which reduces the efficiency of your central heating system and can eventually lead to a breakdown. A power flush is a deep clean for your heating system that clears out all of the gunk, restoring the full circulation of water so that so that it can work more efficiently for you.

One of our highly qualified, expert heating engineers will use a power flush machine to circulate high strength cleansing chemicals like descaler and corrosion inhibitor around your system to zap away any nasties and give your central heating system a new lease of life.

We always include a power flush in your quote if you’re getting a new boiler installed – read our blog on the signs you need a new boiler.

Central heating installs and upgrades

There could be many reasons why you might want to install or upgrade a central heating system, for example:

  • Your property has never had central heating system and there is no existing pipework or radiators
  • You want to move the position of a radiator or put one somewhere where there wasn’t one before for example adding an extra radiator to a large room
  • You are making structural changes to your home such as knocking down walls or building an extension
  • You’ve been watching a lot of Grand Designs and you want designer radiators
  • If you need to get this type of work done you might be concerned about exposed pipework, we will always try our best to hide it under the floor or even in the ceiling.